Mellanoveckan Diary, Day 1-2

Publicerat 2009-07-28 21:09:39:

The Betweenship exchange between France and Sweden has started. This whole week, ten betweenshippers from Bagnolet, Paris and Sweden are staying at Subtopia's Hangar in Alby. We'll continue posting the diary through the week, the first post is written by Olivia and Hager:

Yesterday we all arrived here to the Subtopia Circus Hangars in Alby, Stockholm.

We came early in the night, had dinner together and presented ourselves to eachother. We got to see our rooms and got to know the names of the other participants in the Mellano Project, which is why we are here all together. We discussed a little about our identity within the betweenship and why we felt as mellanos.

Today was the first day of our project week, we started off by having a yoga class in the grass outside of our house, at 07:30 in the morning. For some of us it was the first yoga class ever and we were really tired when we had to wake up that early after a long night.

We prepared breakfast and ate together, it was a bit different to the french participants since we only eat something sweet with coffee in France, not like here were it was even tomatos and cucumber at the table.

After that we met with the graffiti artist Zappo who presented his work and some history of the artform to us. He told us about the zero tolerance for graffiti and the difficulties of this form of expression. The differences between the systems in other cities compared to Stockholm and also in other places of the world. We discussed the different perspectives of graffiti and variations of how to percept the artform. Then we chose our colours, the ones we will use when making our own graffiti mural later this week. We also did some sketching.

Then we prepared burgers made of lentils and feta cheese, with fries, salad and grilled aubergines with cheese on top. We had lunch together at 13:00.

After lunch we proceeded by having a lecture and discussion held by Christian Catomeris, who is a journalist for SVT. Christian presented different pictures and we discussed the history of racism and the different perceptions of the black man throughout the ages. We also went on discussing politics and the working situation for mellanos in France and Sweden.

After the break Interfem came to discuss anti-racism and feminism. We talked about different issues concerning identity and perceptions of feminism, which are very different in France compared to Sweden.

It has been a very interesting and instructive day, we have seen many different ways of looking at the betweenship and what we are individually and together experiencing. Now we will soon be off to help prepare dinner and then we will go to the hip-hop festival "X-press yourself" at Debaser Slussen, in the center of Stockholm.

By: Olivia and Hager