Mellanoveckan Diary, Day 3

Publicerat 2009-07-30 15:42:11:

Because of last night’s partying, we delayed the start of the day until 10 a.m. People were more or less eager to try yoga. Kamel, Daphne, Olivia and Ouzin even managed to do a headstand!

For breakfast we had quite the same thing as yesterday. Afterwards we walked to the Multicultural Center which is situated in Fittja, near where we are. There we met Tobias Hübinette and René León Rosales who explained what their jobs consist of. Thanks to René we understood a bit more concerning the Million Programme which was a modern initiative at the beginning, but quickly became a deception. Soon after the Million Programme was completed, more and more people with immigrant backgrounds started to populate these areas. A new fact for the French people was that not only people of color but even people who, by physical appearance, could pass as Swedes, are seen as inferior to the Swedes if they have an accent and people by that accent can tell that they are not originally from Sweden.

We also learned that out of Sweden’s population of 9.000.000, 85.000 are adopted, many from South Korea which pointed also highlighted the complex issue of hybridity; e.g. Tobias Hübinette stated that adoptees, in a way, cannot reproduce as their children will never share their own experiences of adoption. After the lecture and Tobias’ documentary about adoptees, we proceeded to an exhibition about societal norms and expectations on families where we discussed norms and values together with René. We learned that there is a difference concerning same sex marriages and adoptions of children by same sex couples between France and Sweden; legal in Sweden but not yet permitted in France. Some norms were confronted in discussion by some members of the group. The visit to the Multicultural Centre was interesting and we all learned a lot about Sweden, integration and societal norms.

After our visit to the Multicultural Centre, the group split up - some people going back to Subtopia and others heading in to town for shopping and eating.

By: Madeleine, Maïna and Joffrey