Mellanoveckan Diary, Day 6

Publicerat 2009-08-02 11:30:31:

The day started as usual: morning yoga with yogi guru Olivia to get good energy for the new day. After yoga class we had breakfast with yoghurt, muesli and lots of yummi stuff! A journalist from the local newspaper Södra sidan paid us a visit and we had a discussion about racism and problems connected to that in France versus Sweden. We talked about the differences of racism in the two countries which look quite unalike in many ways, a racism that is however based on the same ignorance, prejudice, fear of losing what you have and the unwillingness to change. We also talked about the growing fascism in France, Italy, Denmark and Sweden. Politicians who support and encourage racist ideas and ideologies instead of fighting them. The intolerant society where there is no space for differences and diversity, and the lack of a "two-way understanding".


Later on we walked together to cultural center Subtopia where César gave us a guided tour and told us about some of the 40 organizations working there. Everything from circus groups to film and media, music, dance an theatre. At Subtopia we had an intensive lesson in filipino martial arts with Taekwondo master Madeleine. She taught us useful moves such as "Apchagi" (the front kick), "Pichagi" (the half roundkick), and "Dwichagi" (the deadly horsekick).


After a lot of sweat, tears and mortal combats we walked back home to the hangar where Anna had made some delicious pasta gratin with salmon and beans. After melting that magical dinner, we crawled downtown and continued our discussion at Babylon bar in Medis. We went to Kulturhuset and sat for a while on the roof where there was a release party for a new comic book album, "Frances". But since there were complaints about the present whiteness among the crowd, we decided to go to Club Studio ONE with Trinity Sound at Södra Teatern to get some contrast... We had a splendid time! The French dominated the dancefloor all night, but the "Swedish people very tired"... ;)


The guys tried their best to break thru the Swedish ice, while Maïna played slow and fonky!


A long day full of impressions and new wizdom.


See you next time! PAIX!


By: Christian & Mohammed



Great report. Cheers!

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